Terms & Conditions

These Terms and conditions below apply's for all TryCatch Technologies cc("TT cc") customers.

Websites and Designs 
1.Creation of a website will only be processed when a full content + Pictures/Photos is ready and sent via email to and a Deposit of R230.00 is provided to TT cc.
2.If a customer chose to use the R230.00 as a upfront payment they may do so and this will cover 4 months monthly payments.
3.Website themes will be selected by TT cc according to business type and trade. Changes to website themes will be allowed only 3 times after initial setup after that charges may follow.
4.One change/batch change will be allowed for free every month,after which R20.00 will be charged for any changes.
5.Spelling mistakes must be reported after initial setup ,if not charges may apply disregarding the one free change amonth.
6.The created website will be property of TT cc until 2 years from initial setup and first payment is made.After that the website will be owned by payee of website.



7.Purchasing a product form TTcc: Customers must pay in full upfront before any products is delivered.
8.warranty: all products sold by TTcc warranty are the same than our suppliers
9. Products Defects: If a product sold by TTcc is in anyway damaged or defected the product must be returned in the time frame TTcc suppliers provided ,if not the product will not be replaced.
10.all products shown on this websites prices is subject to change with any prior notice.

Business informations

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